The Essential Mobile Workstation for the Frequent Flyer

Your mobile workstation can go anywhere with you.

Great tech choices can make your time on the go as productive as your hours in the office. With the help of wireless headphones, a wireless mouse and a mobile hotspot, you can stay charged, stay connected, and come home relaxed and ready to hit the road again.


Wireless noise-canceling headphones turn any flight into a peaceful sojourn, with no crying babies, blaring movie sounds from seatmates or jet noise to distract you from your work, games or nap. Headphones are also much more comfortable to wear than earbuds when you're on a cross-country flight. When you use wireless headphones, you untether yourself and can roam free without having to disconnect from your music or your conversation.

Wireless Tech and Peripherals

A wireless mouse lets you get rid of one more cables and makes packing easier. Choose a mouse that clips to your laptop for easy accessibility or a compact version that folds up for travel. Take along a portable hard drive to house your presentations and video data, and use it as a backup for the work you do on a business trip. Portable printers are also available for those times when you need to print contracts on the road. If you like traveling with a tablet in place of a laptop, make sure you have a case with a kickstand so you can watch your screen hands-free.

Mobile Hotspots

Check with your cellular provider about adding a personal mobile hotspot to your mobile service that allows you to connect via your laptop or tablet anytime you have mobile connectivity. You might also consider a device that gives you pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi to ensure you're connected when you need to be but don't have to pay for connectivity you're not using. These hotspots can be shared as well, and you can even buy extra data plans to make spontaneous meetings possible wherever you venture.

Portable Power

Taking your tech gadgets on the road with you only works when you have enough power to keep it all running. Add a power pack to your travel kit to keep your smartphone, tablet, computer and gaming handhelds fully juiced up. Many power packs let you charge multiple devices at once, and you can also use them as power adapters when traveling internationally. Choose a power pack that gives you hours of extra use for those times when you simply can't stop at a wall outlet to recharge. Don't forget a car charger to plug into your rental car so that you can keep your phone from losing power while driving. In addition, mini surge protectors protect you when staying in older hotels, and mini power strips let you expand the opportunity to plug in, making you the most popular person in the airport waiting area.

Traveling Gadgets

Even with wireless technology, you probably have some cables floating around your computer bag. Tie up your USB cords, charging cables and headphones neatly with cord wraps that instantly declutter your bag. If you're an incredibly frequent flyer, consider a TSA-approved computer bag that lets you go through security lines without removing your laptop. Privacy filters are another must-have for frequent travelers who don't want seatmates peering at their laptop screens. Also, don't forget to add some extra USB cables to your kit for those times when you need to connect a device to your laptop.

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