How to Prepare for Black Friday

Jump for joy. Black Friday is coming.

Your family and friends claim the holidays don’t begin until you toss some dollars around in a post-Thanksgiving, predawn haze. But you’re new to this and you don’t want to miss out on the hottest tech deals this year. So, what can you do to not look like a fool? Make a game plan.

Scout your targets 2 weeks ahead of time.

Start your prep 2 weeks before Black Friday.

Look for ads online and in the newspaper for Black Friday specials. Sign up to receive email newsletters from your favorite retailers alerting you to upcoming promotions. Search and download Black Friday apps. Leave the kids at home, look for a baby sitter to avoid lugging around a bulky stroller and fidgety toddlers.

Make your list and check it twice.

1 week before Black Friday, time to rundown the roster.

Make a shopping list that includes people you need to buy for and gift ideas for each. Do your research, perform price comparisons, and check product reviews and warranties.
Finalize your list, pack food and clothes, wear comfortable clothes and set an alarm.

The day before is the time to set your lineup.

Consider shopping online before stores open, review shopping apps, and map out your route for stores to visit and the times they open. Pack a lunch and snacks to avoid crowded food courts. And don’t forget to wear a comfortable outfit and sensible shoes. And last but not least, set your alarm clock.
When the day arrives, plan your day accordingly.

Have patience and come mentally prepared to wait in long lines.

Eat a healthy breakfast and drink a cup of coffee to prep. Arrive early to stores and consider bringing a folding chair, but be willing to leave it behind once inside the store. Have patience; come mentally prepared to wait in long lines. Note where you parked your car.

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