Planning Your Workspace


"Where Do I Start?"
What are your overall room dimensions? Measure your available length and width. Always leave at least 3-4 feet around your desk, to allow room for maneuvering behind and around it, and also to accommodate any meeting guests. 

Make note of any windows, doors (do they open in or out?), phones, electrical outlets, vents, light switches, thermostats, other furniture, etc. 

Is the office intended for you or another co-worker/employee?

Do you (or the person using the desk) need to be by a door, or is privacy required?

Will you need a traditional office setup or a more open partition/panel workstation style?

How do you work? Do you frequently use a computer or printer? Do you require lots of storage and filing?

Other Things to Consider:

Do you like to face toward or away from the open door?
Some people like to face away from the door to avoid distractions. Others like to face toward the open door to quickly see visitors and outside activities. Not all desk configurations work in both directions. Check that angles of the return and connecting pieces match your desired setup.

Do you prefer natural sunlight or less glare?
If you handle mostly paperwork, meetings and phone calls, you may enjoy being closer to natural sunlight from a nearby window. Think about how much light you want and make sure your setup allows it. Spend long hours at a computer? You probably want to keep your monitor away from any windows to avoid screen glare. 

Do you prefer to have more filing/storage space or more work/meeting space?
Consider configurable collections: they mix and match to fit the way you work best. Choose pieces that offer more closed filing and storage capacity. Or opt for a more open look: roomier desk surfaces and more meeting space, with less closed drawers. 

Want the ability to expand in the future?
Modular systems start small, yet grow with your business. Begin with a basic desk setup that is great for start-ups/small offices. Add more workspace or reception areas as you need to. Everything stays looking coordinated and professional! 

Need to store lots of client files, projects or samples?
Lateral files tend to hold more capacity than vertical designs. Pairing certain pieces together, like a hutch on top of a credenza, can double storage space without taking up more floor space. 

Or let us do your space planning for you — FREE!
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