6 Ways You Can Use Your Uni-Ball® Pen

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A well-designed pen can make its mark in every area of your life. Its body is a thing of beauty with a stylish barrel, a comfortable grip, a convenient window to monitor ink supplies, and the payload is an ink that performs capably under many different conditions. Jot down that corporate takeover idea in the middle of the night; grade those endless middle-school essays; scratch the spot between your shoulder blades you can't quite reach; sign historic legislations into law. The right rollerball can help rock your world.

1. Ink Your John Hancock

More than a century after John Hancock scrawled his autograph across the Declaration of Independence, the world was still in search of the perfect writing instrument. Uni-ball® began with a superior pencil and quickly progressed to a leading role in developing innovative pens that can handle fan requests at the stage door and sign-offs in outer space. Whenever you need to sign on the dotted line, grab a non-smearing, non-blobbing, non-leaking, non-skipping reliable tool to do the job. For more than 125 years, uni-ball has been perfecting the ballpoint pen. It's ready for your moment in the spotlight.

6-Ways-You Can-Use-Your Uni-Ball-Pen

2. Office Advantage

Be the hero of the office birthday bash with the biggest, glossiest card for everyone to sign, and the gel pen that won't smear heartfelt messages into unintelligible dirt marks. A brand new pen from uni-ball®, the uni-ball® 307, comes with a magic ingredient, Super-Ink, to take you from good-enough to glory. Super-Ink writes on any paper surface, even the glossiest of surfaces. It's fluid as silk and won't blob all over the card. A uni-ball® 307 doesn't leave embarrassing skips — no more looking as if you haven't invested in a new pen since 1982. The sentiments inscribed in cards will never fade. Office hero — that's you.

6-Ways-You Can-Use-Your Uni-Ball-Pen

3. Up Against the Wall

Your career is in an upward trajectory and you are in constant motion. You seize opportunity wherever it presents itself: sign-off on that requisition as you wait for the elevator, using your coworker's back; take notes on a clipboard while you're standing on a ladder; sketch the walk-in closet conversion on a piece of paper backed by the bedroom wall. Nail down noteworthy ideas on the run with a uni-ball® Air pen that doesn't skip or quit. It's unique, innovative Hybrid tip ensures a free flow of ink at any angle. The Hybrid tip adjusts to your writing style and writes at variable line widths. A uni-ball® Air pen's performance is as dazzling as yours — bold and decisive even when it's upside-down.

6-Ways-You Can-Use-Your Uni-Ball-Pen

4. Colored By Genius

You don't need a paintbrush or a camera to create a masterpiece that astonishes and endures. The scribbles on the notes for your presentation, the doodles on the draft of the sales proposal are things of art, worthy of the finest ballpoint pen. Naturally, you won't want your artwork to smear or fade, so you may choose the uni-ball® 207™ Gel RT as your instrument. Cross-hatch and shade in vivid colors with rich, quick-drying ink that safeguards your work from water, fading and tampering. The pigment-based, acid-free, archival ink bonds with paper, delivering intense hues. Point sizes range from ultra-micro to bold for sketching fine lines and large blocks of color. The pens are equally effective for signing gallery contracts and endorsing large checks from avid collectors.

6-Ways-You Can-Use-Your Uni-Ball-Pen

5. Fly the Leak-Proof Skies

Scribble down the brainstorms that only happen at 30,000 feet with a pen that deposits ink where you want it — not all over your briefcase or pocket. The uni-ball® Vision Elite™ is designed for airplane-safe delivery with an internal reservoir that compensates for changes in cabin pressure no bursts, no leaks. A steady-flow ink system supplies consistent color. The ink is water-resistant, in case your ride isn't as smooth as the pen's performance and you get all the uni-ball advantages: acid-free ink for archival quality documents; fraud-resistance as the ink bonds indelibly with any paper; your choice of 0.5mm Micro or 0.8mm Bold points. You can now edit your novel or strategize your next business conquest with the pen that travels as well as you do.

6-Ways-You Can-Use-Your Uni-Ball-Pen

6. Pens in a Pinch

Keep a few pens handy for those emergencies when a well-designed cylindrical object will save the day. Stick a single pen — or an array of them — in a twist of long hair to hold a casual bun in place. Flip a pen through your fingers in the back row of lecture class to provide a break from the monotony of class. Loaning your skip-free, ink-loaded reliable spare to a friend at the start of the exam wins you undying loyalty, although you may never get the pen back.

6-Ways-You Can-Use-Your Uni-Ball-Pen

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