The Last-Minute Halloween Costume For Work

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Choosing a Halloween costume can create anxiety for some people, especially if it’s at the last minute. The truth is, selecting a Halloween costume needn’t be demanding or expensive – all you need is access to your office supply closet and a little bit of creativity.

1. Doggy Bag

The Last Minute Halloween Costume 1 Doggy Bag

You want quick, easy and inexpensive: look no further. Put your personal spin on it with an ingenious wrap pattern. 

  • Large Cardboard Box – large enough to fit your torso.
  • Aluminum Foil – to wrap around your box. 500 feet will be more than enough.
  • Manila Folder— cut in half to use as a “tag” to identify which food leftover you are, writing both the food and a “thank you!” note.
  • Dog Ears – you ARE a dog after all.

2. Chick Magnet

The Last Minute Halloween Costume 2 Chick Magnet

Once you have the foundational, old black sweatshirt to build upon, a lot of the fun can be in the expression.

  • Neck Pillow – to serve as your “magnet.”
  • Silver Duct Tape – to wrap the ends of the pillow, or the poles of your magnet.
  • Pictures of Chicks – as in baby chickens. Print these out and paperclip them to the sweatshirt.

3. Black-Eyed P

The Last Minute Halloween Costume 3 Black-Eyed P

A play on words is always a punny idea – and a lot less complicated than putting together that perfect Fergie costume.

  • Black Shirt – as initial building block.
  • Full-Sheet White Labels – to print a large “P” on the shirt. Use a color that contrasts with the shirt.
  • Black Eye Shadow or Eye Liner – you’ve gotta create that one “black eye” – and this is a lot less painful than the real thing.
  • Headphones –large, over-the-ear headphones resting on your collar adds a nice music-themed touch.

4. A Gift: Mad Libs Style

The Last Minute Halloween Costume 4 Mad Libs Gift

How about a “Gift to Women”? “Gift to Men?” You can just revel in the love of me and go with, “Gift to Humankind.”

  • Large Cardboard Box – large enough to fit your torso.
  • Wrapping Paper – brown Kraft wrapping paper to wrap the most important gift – you. Feeling more festive? Wrap your cardboard box in some Halloween colors.
  • Satin Bow – to top your head to make “present” clear.
  • Colorful Card Stock — cut in half to use as your gift tag. Write a funny “To:” and “From:”  e.g. To: Humankind; From: Me … Your Welcome.
  • Lanyard — to hold your gift tag to hang from around your neck.

5. Identity Thief

The Last Minute Halloween Costume 5 Identity Thief

This has to be one of the lowest-maintenance costumes around. Start with a black shirt and a pair of black pants and then make it as inexpensive and simple as you want—or go all out.

  • Hello My Name Is – John Smith? Jane Smith? Obama? Why choose just one when you can be all three?
  • Black Rimmed Glasses or Sunglasses –not only does a pair of dark shades give you a cool factor, they hide your facial features – perfect for the thief that you are!
  • Black Beanie or Hat – to look more inconspicuous than ever.

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