Pink Up Your Workspace for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Have you been caught off guard by the pink shirts, pink ribbon pins and rosy nail polish that have been painting the world each fall? It’s all thanks to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also known as Pink October. From famous landmarks to celebrities and professional athletes, everyone is going pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness. Of course, you don’t need to be a celebrity to join the fight for the cure. To promote breast cancer awareness during your work hours, follow a few simple tips to make your workspace pretty in pink.

1. Go creative with pink decor

When it comes to your personal work area, any and all surfaces can be decorated. Deck out your office with pink streamers, a pink chair mat or a pink tablecloth covering your desk. Next, turn your desktop and mobile phone background pink, or find a background with the pink ribbon logo.

You can also cut out some ribbon symbols from pink construction paper and tape them to the walls for a not-so-subtle nod to Pink October.

When co-workers take a break from the daily grind to inquire about your rosy workspace, take the opportunity to spark a conversation about breast cancer. For an even bigger impact, get permission from management to decorate the break room and other common areas.

2. Pink up your work clothes

A pink outfit is the perfect way to complete your breast cancer awareness theme. Is your boss a bit strict on professional work attire — and a pink tie or a pink pencil skirt might be pushing the limit? You can always pin the iconic pink ribbon to your regular work outfit.

3. Give pink office supplies to co-workers

If you really want to make a difference during Pink October, take a step beyond your pink-painted cubicle. Load up on pink office supplies stamped with the pink ribbon logo for you and your fellow office workers. Many of these products give a portion of their proceedings to fund breast cancer research and similar causes, letting you actively join the fight against breast cancer while promoting awareness.  

Spread the word around the office by sharing a few pink ribbon pens and pencils with your forgetful co-workers. Attach notes with facts about breast cancer to show that you care. To keep the theme running outside your normal workspace, carry a breast cancer awareness clipboard to your next meeting.

4. Help co-workers get smart about breast cancer

Once you have a pinked-out office space, you can’t forget about the people closest to you. Print out a stack of these free flyers or breast cancer calendars reminding your female co-workers to get an annual mammogram. You can also talk to your supervisor about setting up an office-wide breast cancer awareness meeting for the month of October.

Pinking up your office is sure to generate plenty of thoughtful discussion in the workplace, and you may even inspire your co-workers to follow your lead. Breast cancer is a serious illness, standing as the second leading cause of cancer deaths in U.S. women, according to the American Cancer Society. Even if you don’t have a break in your schedule to attend a pink ribbon run or fundraiser, going pink in the workplace may help drive awareness among your peers.

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