Five Great Ways to Get Organized

Five Great Ways to Get Organized

When it comes to a quick and simple organization tool, binders are hard to beat. They’re versatile, user-friendly and super-easy to transport — whether you’re headed across the room or across the country. Plus, binders can be stored almost anywhere, such as on a shelf, counter, desk or drawer, so you can keep them handy for all your projects. Here are five ways you can use binders to organize your workday, keep your household running smoothly, and streamline your personal life:

Organize and Store Business Information
Binders are perfect for business organization and storage. You can use binders for proposals, product information, employee handbooks, training materials, reports and more. They are also great for professional portfolios and presentations. For instance, you can create a flipbook of work samples, charts and graphics to present to an audience, and you can also assemble information in binders to give to your attendees to take with them. In addition, you can use plastic inserts with business card–size pockets to store and organize business cards in a binder.
Household Management
Binders are an ideal choice for organizing household and family details. Plus, there are many binder accessories to help you customize your organization system. For instance, you can use tabbed dividers to create separate sections for each family member that include schedules, emergency contacts, phone numbers, school information and other related items. Other sections can contain to-do lists, coupons and shopping lists, take-out menus, owner’s manuals, warranties, remodeling estimates, and whatever else you need to run your home life efficiently.
Even though you may store some data electronically, it’s wise to keep a paper backup as well. Binders provide a simple and effective way to manage your paper documents, both at home and in the office. Use binders in different colors to store financial information such as contracts, statements and receipts, legal documents, medical records, and personal papers including birth certificates, marriage licenses and Social Security cards.
Display Collections and Memorabilia
Binders can be used to showcase, protect and store collections, travel souvenirs and personal mementos. You can purchase customized sleeves that are designed to hold a variety of items, such as CDs/DVDs, trading cards, recipes and photos. Try a full-page sleeve for other items that you may wish to display.

Create a Personal Idea Book
Inspiration can strike at any moment and a binder provides a handy place to file your ideas for future action. For example, you can use a personal binder to gather inspiring images pulled from magazines, noteworthy newspaper clippings or advertisements for products you’d like to buy. 

So as you can see, binders are great for organizing, storing and transporting a variety of home, business and personal information.

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